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The Poetry of Objects #3
“The Poetry of Objects” is a creative marketing collaboration. Each month Ro Darrall provides a prompt by way of an object currently for sale at her shop Retro, to which our in-house poet Aaron Compton provides a poetic response. This bakelite beauty is waiting for a stylish listener of National Radio to come take it home. Read on for a truly poetic dive into the realm of the radio.
The Housing Crisis & The Growing Divide
Zane Sabour explores the question as to why is it that despite our best efforts - that is, knowing the problems, having the technical expertise needed to address them, and making efforts to do so - the trajectory for quality affordable housing is only getting worse?
The New Adventures of MUSE
MUSE was formed back in 2002 by a group of women wanting to create a safe and nurturing environment for women to make music, perform, and encourage other women to make music too. After a few years hiatus, MUSE is back and you can head along to Smash Palace for a diverse celebration of women’s music.
Creative Kupu
Back in June, Jordan Walker started 1-hour weekly workshops at Te Kura o Elgin. Wanting to bring the pilot of Creative Kupu, a series of creative writing workshops to Tūranga-nui-a-kiwa for the ONO Project, it was a great opportunity for Jordan to reconnect with the school their own creativity had first been noticed.
Reflections on Matariki
Leading up to the free whānau Matariki Concert being held at the Whirikoka Campus of Te Wananga O Aotearoa on Saturday, July 3 Merle Walker took the opportunity to talk to some of the artists who will be gracing the stage about the reason for the season, Matariki.
The Poetry of Objects #2
“The Poetry of Objects” is a creative marketing collaboration between Ro Darrall and local writer Aaron Compton. Each month Ro will provide a photograph of an object or collection of objects currently sitting in her collection of treasures at her shop Retro, to which our in-house poet provides a poetic response. This month, three sparkling Crystal Decanters, standing in line on a window ledge, and remembering..
Linda Cywinski – Globe
In June 2020 Linda spotted a restaurant listed for sale on the net. A grand white weatherboarded old lady on the banks of the Waimata River
The Sweet Life
Jack Marshall has recently taken up with a swarm of bees. By all accounts he's having a pretty buzzy time...


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