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Kia ora e te Whānau,

This week’s featured piece of writing is a little different from our norm, and signals the arrival of a new section of content on Gizzy Local called Voices. In contrast to most of our content to date, which strives to tell the stories of others, Voices is a safe space in which people can share their own and in any form.

This first selection by Neherā Kopa gifts the reader a lens – that of a small black and white puppy by the name of Nugget – through which to reflect on the experience of moving; moving around…moving home.  This piece of writing simply entitled ‘An Introduction’ is both poignant and funny and has had me thinking about the things that we find to cling to, that become our salvation, when everything else around us is new, uncertain and unfamiliar.

I met a woman this past week at the Neighbourhood Pizzeria, who had moved here for work last year along with her family, including their teenaged daughter. She spoke of how the incredible music programme at Gisborne Girls High has become that point of connection for their daughter in her new community. She also told me she received The Weekly Roundabout, using it to connect with their new community and what goes on around here. 

How that first year or two of settling into a new place pans out, can have so much to do with who you meet or the opportunities you come across. It makes me happy to know that Gizzy Local can help foster those opportunities and hopefully help speed up that process for the people who come across it. 

So by all means, if you meet someone new to town, or just returned, don’t forget to ask them whether they’ve come across Gizzy Local yet.  Enjoy your weekend Gizzy Local whānau!

Ngā mihi nui,


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