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Mōrena e Gizzy Local whānau  

This week I met with Sarah, the luminous wahine lugging this big kaupapa. When I first met with her in November last year our kōrero centred around diversity, and to be honest, it still continues to today.

I think that diversity can run much deeper within any collaboration, business or even an institution, and this should always be more than the bare minimum; the box tick.  Sarah’s original concern with herself in the Weekly Roundabout was that she unintentionally fell into an echo chamber. Somehow we thought it would be different for myself, and although our writing styles are distinctly different, the design was very much the same and resulted in a similar outcome.

Gizzy Local is for the community and therefore should always be about the community.  Consider this a bit of a break up letter, it’s not you, but definitely us.

This is our ode to delivering more than just the bare minimum, making our content more consistent and much more representative of the voices of our community, being sure to tell stories of people and important things going on around us; to bring to light these different perspectives.

No longer a one-sided kōrero, but a multifaceted one.  We’re looking forward to getting out there and engaging in your vivacious perspectives.  

Arohanui ki a koutou,

P.S. we will be seeing you again next week, just in case you were wondering. We’re just twiddling the dials on the vibe machine and seeing if we can’t switch out that echo. Let’s see how we go! 


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