Reb Fountain’s Return to The Dome

Reb Fountain and Band will play at The Dome on October 17, as part of Te Tairawhiti Arts Festival. This will be a happy return – she performed there last September, opening for The Chills.  The tour was on such a tight schedule that the Dome was pretty much her only Gisborne experience. But that was fine by her, she loved the venue and the fabulous people, Sally Shanks and Shelley Murphy, running the show.  She remembers it as a magical space, exuding a “female, badass aesthetic, rich with creative energy”.  Much like herself I believe.

This time  Reb Fountain will be playing with her band, an incredibly accomplished group of musicians, including Dave Kahn, who co-produced Reb’s album. And this time, most of the material she plans to play will be from her new album.

Reb Fountain’s highly anticipated, self-titled album is planned for release in 2020, and we get to experience a big taste of it when she performs in Gisborne.  It is her third album, one which she describes as her most purposeful “I woke up one morning with an absolute conviction that it was time to make another album”.  She fearlessly went about making it happen, and is super proud of the result, calling it her best work.  

If it’s her best work, I cannot wait to hear it, as everything she’s already put out has been spectacularly good.  It’s no surprise to me that she won the Tui award for Best Country Album/Artist 2018 and also the APRA Best Country Song 2018 for the title track ‘Hopeful & Hopeless’.  

It seems to me that Reb’s star has been rising steadily for a long time, and it’s now shining brighter than ever before. We talked about motherhood, and the tug between being “the best Mum ever” and pursuing one’s own creative path. Incredibly, she has slowly but surely carved out her career in music whilst bringing up her two children as a solo parent, and achieving a BA in gender studies.

Recently, Reb’s youngest child graduated from high school and “it was like I graduated as well”.  Now that her children are older and becoming independent young adults, Reb has a new lease on life, with the opportunity to throw herself into her music more than ever before.  Hence the recent tour of UK, Europe and the US – her first international foray. Next, her NZ tour in October, followed closely by the release of her album.

Reb Fountain is on fire!  Don’t miss seeing her and her band play on Thursday the 17th of October at the Dome. You’ll be blown away, I guarantee.

Story by Anna Harris