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Could you, would you, meditate on Zoom?

I would not, could not meditate on Zoom. I do not like it Sam-I-am.

The beauty of meditating in the comfort of your own home

I’m one of the few people that got through lockdown without attending a single Zoom meeting, google hang out, FaceTime, Houseparty or otherwise. For a moment there I thought I might even be eligible for some kind of prize for my achievement, but now that I’ve heard so much about this newfangled phenomenon of ‘Zoom-fatigue’ I think I’ll just settle for the absence of that instead. 

When Becs started her Free Monday Meditation sessions at the beginning of this month I was impressed at her commitment to her community’s needs. As a highly principled Zoom-avoider I knew it wasn’t for me.. though I did allow my busy thoughts to loiter on an imagined image of myself in the drunken-looking lean, halfway between the floor and upright that I often find myself in during a meditation, now framed and gaudily front-lit by my computer screen, long enough to completely put myself off the idea.

Last week saw the first weakening of my anti-online meditation stance when Becs told me that she was encouraging her attendees to turn their cameras off for the meditation segment. And over the course of the week as the busy mayhem of life in Level 2 began to take its toll; my To Do list growing longer and longer with a couple of ‘zero tick’ days in the mix, typos and mistakes entering all areas of life, I realised that online meditation might just be what was required to kick start some healthier habits and slow the downward spiral.

The Verdict: 

Say! I like Meditation on Zoom! I do! I like it, Sam-I-am! 

As I was finishing off the dishes I realised that I was going to have to wear massive ear phones for my first Meditation on Zoom as our daughters weren’t yet asleep, and I knew they’d be swarming around me like flies if they heard something as exotic as a meditation class going on in the next room. Never mind, the lights needed to be dimmed anyway, and once I’d entered the session it was obvious that everyone else was just settling themselves in; certainly not bothering to check out the outfits or decor of their fellow participants.. 

After a Hello, Becs muted us participants and we were soon closing our eyes, and settling ourselves into our breathing.  As it turned out, I didn’t even turn off my camera thought that was mostly because I was afraid I’d turn something else off in the process. 

I had done a meditation course with Becs a few years ago, so perhaps the familiarity of her voice, her instruction and method made it especially easy for me to sink into the practice.  I found myself much less self-conscious than I’d ever been in class, especially with the knowledge that any strange sounds that might be issued from my nose or mouth in the different breathe exercises wouldn’t be heard by anyone else except for my husband who’d crept into the room unawares. My massive earphones may have even added to my experience, with the sound of my own breath filling my head almost as meditative as the act somehow.

And just like that, the half hour was over, with Becs gently urging us to come back into our bodies, our respective rooms and the present. And just as I had always been reluctant to return to the room during Becs’ in person classes, so too was I again tonight..

This was by far the most fulfilling meditation I’ve done in months or even years. It was totally painless(!) and with so few hoops to jump through to get from cleaning up after dinner to the calmest space in my week. No need to find appropriate clothes, keys, shoes, drink bottle and no need to worry about my dreamy state for the drive home afterwards. 

Becs I reckon you’ve hit upon a winner with your free Monday Meditation Zooms. I might have come to it a little late, but I’m totally sold, thank you. If anyone (anyone?!) is feeling the need to seek a little calm in the madness of life after lock down, I urge you to give these a go! 

What: Free Monday Meditation sessions

When: 7:30-8:00PM Mondays

Who: Suitable for absolute beginners and experienced meditators. 

And even: Not a fan of Zoom? You can dial in using your phone instead.  

Contact: or phone 021 913 318 to sign up for these free sessions or check out