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Nau mai, haere mai. I’d like to introduce to you Gizzy Local.

Gizzy Local is the locals’ guide to Gizzy, a one stop source for what’s going on in Turanga, Gisborne out here on the East Coast of Aotearoa, New Zealand.  We’re the online version of your favourite pub, the smoko room, school gate, farmer’s market and your weekly catch up with Aunty on the phone.. all in one.

Looking for something to do this weekend? Got some kids to exercise? Feeling the need to learn something new? Want to get into some community goodness but don’t know where to begin? Go to our Events page, we keep it updated as events come to hand, so you don’t have to miss out on a thing. If you have an event coming up that you’d like listed, head on over to the Contact page, we’re waiting for you!

This is also a space for our community to express itself; a place of co-creation, of collaboration. It’s a place in which we can build a sense of who we are as a community, in all the wildly different ways that we are who we are. Gizzy Local is also a place to take the time to listen, to grow our own understanding of each other. You can settle down to Gizzy Local when you’ve got more than a minute or two on your hands and catch up on some local storytelling. These are our words, our ideas, our reviews, our art; these photographs are of us and our whenua, this place we call Home.

Gizzy Local is a place of respect, aroha and hope! Watch, read and look carefully (you may just find yourself in between the lines somewhere).  We hope that you come to trust and use Gizzy Local as your personal antidote to some of the other stuff you often find yourself up against in this world wild web. For this reason, we’re all for slow journalism. If you’re compelled to join in a conversation, or start a new one, please do! You won’t find any comments buttons around here but we do invite your correspondence through our Letters to the Editor page.

Follow us on Facebook and the Insta if you must. But is where it’s at, not least because you get to come, do your business, and leave again, unscathed. Hopefully you grow to really enjoy that side of things 🙂

We’re so happy to be here and look forward very much to seeing you here again soon.

Mā te wā, Sarah


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