Mean Mahi is a means for connecting local employers with local talent in Te Tairāwhiti. 

Using the storytelling prowess Gizzy Local is known for, we create compelling and informative job vacancies listings and get them into the inboxes of quality candidates.

Mean Mahi offers our Gizzy Local community an exclusive and uniquely in-depth peek at local job listings via a subscriber list. 

This allows employers like you to reach potential employees who might otherwise be hesitant to openly explore new potential roles, because of the nature of small town living.

How Mean Mahi works:

  • Building upon our teams’ multidisciplinary strengths in communications, our team has devised two package options to help employers communicate job vacancies in a thorough and comprehensive format with a focus on transparency.
  • Tapping into Gizzy Local’s community of passionate and talented locals, we are building a bespoke subscriber base of locals interested in hearing about new job opportunities. Subscribers will receive information about job vacancies before they are posted elsewhere in traditional forums, and then communicate with employers directly.  Employers on our platform will commit to posting exclusively with Mean Mahi for 2 weeks before listing the job anywhere else.

Mean Mahi Benefits:

  • Reputation/Relationship. Gizzy Local is a trusted local source of information with a highly engaged audience, from which we are able to build a targeted group of subscribers, and employment listings with credibility.
  • Communications/Collaboration. Our team brings outstanding writing, videography and people skills to the table. We will collaborate konohi ki te konohi, in-person with employers to help identify key elements of vacant positions and communicate them in an accessible and compelling manner.
  • Values-based approach. We will help you distill and express your kaupapa, or the ‘why’ behind your work, to help you connect with employees that share those values. So much research confirms that meaningful work and job satisfaction go together. For employers, this means employees who perform better and stay longer, helping to build an awesome work culture that continues to attract quality people. 

We’d love to work with you and help you find the best local people for your team.