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It’s a Tāiki e! podcast! And, in terms of the flavour of the house, it’s organic, it’s evolving, it’s experimental… It’s where we come together to share stories that deserve to be heard about the changemakers and doers who are making positive impacts in our community.

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Māori in Tech with Dr. Warren Williams

Kia ora e te iwi! For the final episode of season 1 of our podcast, we bring a great guest and a very loving korero. Dr. Warren Williams, native from Te Tairāwhiti, has been on an exploratory mission for the past few decades of his life, looking for the answer of his question : How can we get more Māori representation in the Tech Industry in Aotearoa, especially in the management and governance roles? His seeking has led him to pursue and attain a PhD researching this same issue. He’s also looking to fulfill a role in our region that will allow him to put the understanding he’s achieved to the service of our whānau and generate an impact. We’re lucky to have the opportunity to share this korero and hear his whakaaro regarding Māori in Tech. Whakarongo mai!

Maunga to Moana & Ngāti Fest 2021: Whānau, Whenua, Manaaki

Today we are happy to share our last episode of this first season of the Tāiki e! Podcast. We are happy to share the recordings from our experience up in Ruatorea this year, supporting and participating in Maunga to Moana and Ngāti Fest 2021. Two great kaupapa led by whānau from Ngāti Porou and around the East Cape rohe. Whānau from all over come to both enjoy and share manaaki in the Ngāti Fest, a great showcase of coasty cuisine and hospitality, and take on the challenge of climbing Hikurangi Maunga in a race that is more about the experience of the whenua than making it first to the finish line. We hope you can tell from the korero how beautiful and enjoyable this experience is, and come to join us next year. Whakarongo mai!

Data for us, not about us with Ngāpera Riley from Figure.nz

Kia ora e te iwi! We’re back with another great episode, this time dedicated to access to information. Ngāpera Riley, from figure.nz, joins us to talk about the labour the team she is part of has been undertaking for the last few years, the principles that drive them and what they are looking to achieve. Access to information can make a real difference when it comes to how we see ourselves and our communities, with bigger access to data comes a closer relationship with our truth as individuals and whānau. Whakarongo mai!

At the Service of Future Generations with Kendall Flutey from Banqer

Kia ora e te iwi! Our guest this week is coming out of Ōtautahi with one of those kaupapa that fill our hearts with aroha, Kendall Flutey is an entrepreneuse, tech innovator and educator, who has dedicated the last few years to create a tech based educational tool to empower future generations with financial literacy skills and the ability to be self-reliant on their pathway towards financial independence and stability. With a story of brave risk-taking and growth, her inspiration for starting this kaupapa is close to home. With a korero like this, we are happy to say: whakarongo mai!

Whare Hauora Tangata Hauora with Hiria Te Rangi

Kia ora e te iwi! We are pleased to invite you to join us today in this korero that touches on a topic important for all. Hiria Te Rangi, an amazing innovator with 20 years of experience in the tech space. Through her love of technology and her keen eye for problem solving, she has become part of an initiative that wants to provide a tool that can have an immense impact in our everyday lives. Her work with Whare Hauora has created a sensor that can tell you with very little trouble if your house is an averse factor for your health and that of your whānau, taking into account factors such as humidity, temperature and dew point, which are key indicators towards the development of respiratory illness. The knowledge of how many of our whānau fall victim to this type of illness is all the fuel she needs in order to tenaciously pursue her work on this kaupapa, and overcome the many challenges that come about in getting it in every home in Aotearoa, if that’s what it takes to take responsability for the health of our whānau.

100 days of Steph Barnett

Kia ora e te iwi! One of our beloved whānau members is joining our korero today, and her name is Steph. Heart-first into the world, her words speak of compassion and deep understanding and care for other people’s lives and painful experiences. This rare attitude (and aptitude) has informed her experience of life and shown her to the doors of her current place in the world. A full time artist and rangatahi wellness facilitator, she comes today to walk us through how she got to where she is and the direction she’s facing towards. Whakarongo mai!

Jobloads, from Idea to Startup with Candice Pardy
Kia ora e te iwi! Our manuhiri today is Candice Pardy, and her story takes us through change, compassion, entrepreneurship and growth through learning. Founder of Jobloads, a kaupapa aimed at closing gaps between employers and workers by making sure everyone’s mana is being upheld, Candice’s participation in Startup Weekend 2019 catapulted her desires for improvement and innovation into a growing company that is trailing a path for the future of work. Inspiring us to take chances and use the resources we have in our community to overcome challenges, this korero is not one to miss. Whakarongo mai whānau!
Innate Innovators with Dougal Stott
Kia ora e te whānau! This week we welcome Dougal Stott to share his whakaaro and experience around Māori in tech and innovation. Passionate and keen to the bone, he shares his perspective of how indigenous peoples are innately qualified to push the edge of innovation by our embracing diversity and the interconnection of everything with everything else. Outside the box thinkers from day one, and trained by facing countless challenges, we thrive in the creative environments of tech and give it a twist towards community and whānau. Whakarongo mai!
Ko Māui Hangarau
Kia ora e te whānau! We’re honoured to present this week the korero we heard at Ko Māui Hangarau, a Māori Tech Innovation summit aimed at inspiring rangatahi to pursue careers in technology, making use of their innate skills to be creative, think outside the box and find solutions that serve the commuinities they’re designed for. This year the summit was held in Tūranganui-a-Kiwa/Gisborne and the whānau at Tāiki e! were present having korero with presenters, kaiako and rangatahi who were part of the event. This is what they had to say. Whakarongo mai!
The Magick of Resilience with Sasha Lockley

Kia ora e te whānau! Welcome back to our podcast! We have a visitor this week that, having come to our beautiful Te Tairāwhiti, has fallen in love with the courage and the resilience of our whānau. Sasha Lockley’s story is one of overcoming great obstacles, of growing and evolving into something bigger that can serve and support others. She sees the endurance of hardship as the origin of an endless source of power from which we draw to get up over and over until we rise above our biggest fears and challenges. This secret power lies within every one of us, and grows beyond our wildest dreams when we share it and build it up with each other. Nau mai, haere mai, whakarongo mai! 

Growing together with Emelie Verseput

Kia ora whānau! Welcome to another episode of our Tāiki e! Podcast, today we are joined by Emelie Verseput, a young wahine who has chosen to dedicate her time and energy to empowering her community in Tauranga Moana by creating resources and pathways to facilitate and support entrepreneurship/kaupapa in response to community needs. Emelie has had the fortune to find herself surrounded by passionate people like herself that have a wealth of experience in this field, creating a fertile ground for her to grow and feel embraced in her journey of becoming her best self. We had the blessing to spend some time with her while she was in Turanga, and these are the words that she left to mark our experience together. May her message find you all in good health. 

Taputapu, Pakihi Māori with Nikki Kennedy

Kia ora e te whānau! Our guest this week is Nikki Kennedy, founder of Taputapu, a pakihi that sells homewares, utensils and picnic articles all with kupu māori as part of their design. Nikki has found an interesting way to put Te Reo Māori in front of everyone through her products and expand her experience of entrepreneurship, overcoming the whakamā of putting herself out there and believing in her potential. A great korero that brings us along in a journey of growth and passion.

The importance of Storytelling with Sarah Cleave from Gizzy Local

Welcome back! In this week’s episode we’re joined by Sarah Cleave, a great storyteller who has found her home right here in our Te Tairāwhiti community. Hers is a journey of connection and dedication to service, particularly through rescuing and sharing those little big moments of interpersonal connection that open a door to look inside someone else’s path through life and how they experience the world. We’re very happy to share her impactful story and her kaupapa as part of Gizzy Local. Thanks for listening!

The Future of Work in Te Tairāwhiti with Phil Kupenga

This week we are joined by Phil Kupenga, a local boy (his words) that has been exploring the possibilties for future work in our rohe, based on his journey of navigating the different paths of employment and the experiences this has brought throughout his life. 20 years after leaving Te Tairāwhiti for the first time, his kaupapa is all about realising the potential our people hold. With the reality that Covid-19 and the Lockdown measures have brought about, it’s clear to him that our rohe should be utilising the wide span of possibilities provided by Tech and Innovation. All we got to do is begin. Thanks for joining us again this week!

Regenerating our Beautiful Reo Māori
Our first episode being recorded on 2021! And it’s a doozy! We are joined by Riria Haturini, coming from her piece of paradise up in Rangitukia to share her Reo with our Te Tairāwhiti whānau and beyond. Riria’s journey with Te Reo Māori from Waiapu and Rangitukia is an inspiring story of treasuring what has been passed down through whakapapa, tikanga and korero, and taking steps to preserve it and continue to pass it on. Her journey has brought her to create her own company called Te Ha O Te Reo, which after Lockdown has been run from her home in Rangitukia. Riding the wave of innovation as well as remaining true to her kaupapa, she has moved her lessons to Zoom and her website, and is working to create audio resources to make her korero available for a wider public. We’re happy to say you can find her on facebook.com/tehaotereo, as well as her website www.tehaotereo.com
Riposte App with Debs and Seda
Today we are happy to share about a kaupapa that becomes more relevant with every passing day. Born in Te Tairāwhiti from the mind of Debs Hancock, and through countless korero around with our whānau, Riposte is a social well-being app that focuses on gathering wellness data to increase communities’ resilience by allowing them to access a better understandign of their members’ struggles at a psychological and emotional level. With a great team gathered to give birth to this idea, Riposte is positioned today to bring a new generation of Tech development right in our beautiful region. Meet Debs and Seda, two of the wonderful people responsible for this, and join us in celebrating them and their mahi.
Adel Salmanzadeh in Toi Rito
Welcome back to the Tāiki e! Podcast. We are starting 2021 with a beautiful story about resilience, service and art. Joining us today is Adel Salmanzadeh, who joined our Te Tairāwhiti whanau shortly before lockdown started, back in March. Having come to Aotearoa as a refugee over 30 years ago, he has found in his experience the inspiration to become a facilitator for whānau to heal and connect through art. Please join us as we take a look at his journey leading to this point, and how he envisions the path going forward.


Gratitude with Meredith Akuhata-Brown
Gratitude is one of the things that keeps us going through our mahi at Tāiki e!, and today we have the chance to reflect on it with a beloved member of our comunity joining us for a short korero. Meredith is one of our local council members and a very active voice in our community, with a great deal of reasons to feel gratitude and share it all around. We hope this message finds you well and in the company of those who make you feel grateful every day of your life. We’ll see you next year!


Fish Bowl with Healthy Families East Cape
The mana wahine from Healthy Families East Cape join us today after holding a joint hui, a Fishbowl, all about kai in our community. It was a great opportunity for collaboration in holding a space for our whānau to voice their views on this vital part of our lives in Tairāwhiti. Please join us as we listen to the highlights of the hui, as perceived by these wahine who have been working hard to bring clarity to what our communal vision of our food systems.


Sun Upcycle: Building community through sharing kai

Kia ora whānau! Today we are joined by a group of rangatahi entrepeneurs that have taken the decision to make their impact the measure of their success. Sun Upcycle is a kaupapa that looks to bring their community access to food that would otherwise go to waste through placing pataka kai throughout Turanganui-a-Kiwa / Gisborne. Their mission is to help alleviate suffering and their vision is to do it through enabling access to kai. You can find more about their journey on www.facebook.com/sunupcycle.

Keelan Poi, Kaupapa Before Pūtea

We are joined today by our brother Keelan Poi, entrepreneur and leader of many an awesome kaupapa. His story is one of seeing crisis as opportunity and challenges as chances to increase resilience. Come with us as we listen to his inspiring korero.

Lightbulb! with Annie, Mariska and Monica

Lightbulb is a free community-led initiative designed to educate, engage and inspire entrepreneurs and changemakers from around the Tairāwhiti. A Lightbulb event utilises the power of the collective to support those in our community by empowering them with the tools and resources to break down barriers that stand in the way of starting and growing their kaupapa. This episode we’re sitting down with Mariska, Annie and Monica, presenters from our previous Lightbulb events, to share their experience and some of the tremendous impact that has been generated as a result.

Tāiki e! Origins

Every story has a beginning, and so does Tāiki e! Join us today as we explore the mysterious circumstances that bred this wonderful space of becoming. We send this message with love, hoping that it inspires many to find their tribe, support each other and believe in their cause, to bring forth meaningful change in our communities and our world.  Whano, whano! Haramai te toki! Haumi e! Hui e! Tāiki e!

Intro – Haumi e, hui e, Tāiki e!

Kia ora koutou! Today we have the immense joy of sharing the introduction to our podcast and our kaupapa. We want to tell you a bit about who we are and what we do, and invite you to join us in this space, where we will be bringing you along in our journey of turning passion into purpose into impact. Tune in every week to hear the stories of those who commit to making a change in our region through innovative, courageous and loving action.