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Audio Potluck is a podcast dedicated to the music of te Tairāwhiti. Each episode one of our panelists bring a song with Gizzy whakapapa to the table for the potluck panel to sample and mull over. Serving as a starting point for yarns about all things music out here on the East Coast of Aotearoa, New Zealand. Made for Gizzy Local, an online platform for community connection.

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Intro - Haumi e, hui e, Tāiki e!

Kia ora koutou! Today we have the immense joy of sharing the introduction to our podcast and our kaupapa. We want to tell you a bit about who we are and what we do, and invite you to join us in this space, where we will be bringing you along in our journey of turning passion into purpose into impact. Tune in every week to hear the stories of those who commit to making a change in our region through innovative, courageous and loving action.

Audio Potluck #9: Amanda McLean with First Kiss by Tyna Keelan

In this episode of Audio Potluck Amanda Mclean brings along ‘First Kiss’ by Tyna Keelan, feat. Scribe to the potluck table. Tyna’s voice of honey and the sentiment of first love captured so sweetly in this beautiful ballad, may actually melt your heart. This episode is also a great chance to learn a little bit more about local performer Amanda Mclean as well as the place in which Tyna’s and Amanda’s lives have currently collided as tauira and kaiako – the Māori Performing Arts course at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa.

Audio Potluck #8: Brian Campbell with Open Heart by The Karuthers Brothers

In this episode artist and musician Brian Campbell shares a song and some of the process behind the music of The Karuthers Brothers. The Karuthers Brothers started as a follow on from the band BIGWATER, fronted by songwriter Pete Stewart (Guitar/vocals) and Trevor Herk (Bass/vocals), which has gone on to record two albums. The song Open Heart is from their 2021 album K2, in which Pete and Trevor are joined by Dion Whaanga (drums) and Tawi Rutherford (guitar). An album which has as its whakapapa many years worth of legendary Thursday night jam sessions, in some house, in some corner of Wainui, Gisborne…

Audio Potluck #7: Nikki O’Connor with Steel Blue Skies by Wasp Factory

This beautiful song from Wasp Factory’s 1987 EP ‘Hick-Hate’ sounds so of its time and is yet still so utterly listenable. Clare Robinson takes a trip down memory lane, remembering the antics of this Gisborne 3-piece, made up of Jason Fawcett, Martin Kirk and Mark Revington, as well as their audience, back in the heyday of live music here in little ole’ Gizzy.

Audio Potluck Episode #6: Jahvan Apatu with Roseanne by Scarf

Settle in for a good old yarn with Jahvan Apatu and the panel as he remembers his Uncle’s band Scarf and their early 90’s Hit ‘Roseanne.’ A Big Hair Band, from Gizzy..?! Actually, Uncle Richie is from Mahia, but we’re willing to widen the borders a bit especially if it means we get to claim a connection to one of the first NZ bands to get signed to BMG.

Audio Potluck Episode #5: Scott Casley with Get to You by Skankamelia

It was only ever going to be a matter of time before someone brought Skankamelia to the party! The music by Dion and Day Whaanga and Lawrence Rangi truly epitomised an era here in Gizzy and undoubtedly all around the coast. Scott Casley brings along their song ‘Get to You’ for a sampling, as well as some great little memory tweakers around the days and times of Alt Fm and other early 2000’s goings on here in Gizzy. If you’re looking for more Skankamelia listening you can find them on YouTube.

Long Play: Session One

In the long play of the First Session of Audio Potluck you can listen to host Nikki O’Connor’s selection by the Coolies, from their 2010 Album ‘Master.’ If you haven’t heard any of the previous episodes, you may as well start here and settle in for the entire session. It also includes some insights as to how one does go about finding local music, which we’ve saved especially for this long play. Enjoy!

Audio Potluck Episode #3: Tyna Keelan with Mirrors by Rob Ruha

Eminent musician, MC, producer and vocalist Tyna Keelan discusses his chosen song ‘Mirrors’ by one of the most highly acclaimed musicians from around these parts, Rob Ruha with the panel. Tyna’s got some hot tips on who else to listen out for, a couple of beautiful tales from his experiences working with Rob Ruha over the years and is joined by Kirstin Sheehan, Darryl Monteith and our fabulous host Nikki O’Connor.

Audio Potluck Episode #2: Darryl Monteith with ‘Mars One’ from the Crumb Factory

Welcome to the second episode of Audio Potluck on Gizzy Local! In this week’s episode Smash Palace’s passionate proprietor and proponent of local music, Darryl Monteith brings ‘Mars One’ from The Crumb Factory’s album ‘Our Crumbs are Crummier’ to the potluck table for a sampling. He is joined by his fellow panel members Tyna Keelan, Kirstin Sheehan and of course our fabulous host Nikki O’Connor.

Audio Potluck Episode #1: Kirstin Sheehan with ‘Combine Harvester’ from Opposite Sex

The first song for the Audio Potluck panel is Combine Harvester from Opposite Sex’s latest album, High Drama brought along to the feast by Kirstin Sheehan. Kirstin saw Opposite Sex at their first ever gig at Winstons Bar in the Poverty Bay Club, and has been an avid fan ever since. Who doesn’t remember the energy of that first gig, right? It was electric.

Join us for our first session of Audio Potluck for Combine Harvester, some Opposite Sex back story, and even some input from Kirstin’s mum Jules, via text..


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