About us

Gizzy Local is a platform for community connection in Tūranganui-a-kiwa, Gisborne.

Gizzy Local is a platform for community connection in Tūranganui-a-kiwa, Gisborne.

We get a kick out of providing up to date and comprehensive information about local events and sharing stories about the people who make this place shine!

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Our People

Sarah Cleave
Founder | Editor | Writer

Sarah Cleave first came around the East Coast to Gisborne on a roadie in 2005 and realised she had found her home here in te Tairāwhiti. She has big energy for anything that involves community and connection particularly if bikes, trees, music, dance or other kinds of collaborative creativity are also in the mix.

Thomas Teutenberg
Founder | Web, Design & Photography

Born, bred, been and back, while picking up a variety of skills along the way. Tom focuses on the unnoticed and fumbles through life unwittingly and with little flair in his top half, wildly compensating with legs.

Victoria Williams
Job Title?

Victoria discovered Gizzy Local before she had even ever set foot in Gisborne, eagerly poring over the local events and stories to fuel her excitement about moving here from her native Oregon. She was thrilled to find the community (and the surf!) just as beautiful as depicted and feels lucky to now call Gizzy home. Once a lawyer, now a yoga teacher and content creator, Victoria is passionate about inspiring more connection in daily life – to ourselves, our communities, and Nature.

Pascale Delos
Events Calendar Manager

Pascale is no surfer, but is a strong advocate for arts, culture, sports and the outdoors to be available to everyone, to contribute to better health and a greener environment. She believes that respecting ourselves and respecting Papatūānuku is essential and she does her best in these respects!

Steph Barnett
Illustration | Animation

If you overheard Steph talking about how she felt when she first came to Tairāwhiti, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a story about finding true love. For this surf & culture-loving creative, there was an immediate click & a deep understanding that she was home. Like an octopus, Steph has tentacles in every direction – from the creative arts, education, writing & mental health advocacy, all the way to social media content development & animation. Also like an octopus, she craves salt water, can squeeze into small spaces, & will deter her predators using ink.

Jack Marshall

And who is Jack? Jack Marshall writes, bikes and studies to avoid a fulltime job. He lives an austere and frugal lifestyle to enable his habit of drinking overpriced wine. Jack works for The Gisborne Herald and been published by VICE, Newsroom and 95bFM.

John Flatt

John has always been interested in and enjoyed photography. He shoots what he sees of the natural world around him – from nature to industrial to performing arts and in-between – anything that captures his mind’s eye. For him it’s lines, shapes and light. He gets a lot of joy from sharing his view of the beautiful world that surrounds him.

Sandra Groves

Sandra grew up in Wairoa and moved to Gisborne at 18 years old. Enjoying the Gizzy lifestyle so much she has never left! Sandra has been growing her content writing business ‘First Chapter’ from a side hustle to a full-time gig. Having worked with the local Department of Conservation for over twenty years, she continues to enjoy nature writing as well as helping small local businesses. When she is not working Sandra loves getting out in nature and spending time with her husband Kerry and daughter Alivia.

Gillian Moon
Job Title?

Gillian Moon loves purple and green. She loves to breathe, stretch, swim, laugh (a lot), dance, sing and listen to the more subtle whisperings of life and re tell them into intuitive stories and poetry. She is an active member of the Tairawhiti Writers Hub Collective, contributor and one of the Editors of Kaituhi Rawhiti – A Celebration of East Coast Writers, and works part time as an Advertising Feature Writer for The Gisborne Herald.

Gizzy Locals’ Supporters

Far East Coffee Co.

This region known as Tairāwhiti (the coast where the sun shines) is a remote little slice of paradise where the days are long, the pace is slow, the beaches are deserted & the coffee is good! There is beauty at every turn here. Far East Coffee Co. are proud to call this place home.

Smash Palace

Smash is all about good times with great live music, delicious drinks + food and awesome locals.

Dome Bar & Cinema

For good old-fashioned entertainment & an experience to engage the senses and capture the imagination, Dome Cinema is just the place.. films, live music & dining.

James Burn Associates Accounting

JBA are passionate about helping entrepreneurs & small business owners to achieve their financial & lifestyle goals by enabling freedom in their business.

Gisborne Theatres

The War Memorial Theatre, Lawson Field Theatre & the Gisborne Soundshell, as well as the Patutahi Community Hall are owned & managed by the Gisborne District Council. Catch great shows or book the perfect venue for your own event.