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The Poetry of Objects #1: Thirty seven piece Branksome Dinner set

Cold mornings are to lift me to your smile,
This bird boned tableware, so thin, light weight,
Your gracious, timely action, full of style.

So curl your hands ‘neath powder blue, and wile,
And cup a cloud of steam against your face,
Cold mornings are to lift me to your smile.

We teacups wear no halos, sure, but I’ll
Reglaze the blue of Mary’s baked in grace
Her timeless gesture, classy, full of style,

As families grow more stories pile up, while
Boards groan with hued ceramics song ‘till late,
When summer nights are to lift me to your smile.

The gravy tide, it lifts all boats on high
So raise a toast to bread and butter plates,
Sunday roasts are to lift me to your smile,
A timeless set. So classy. Full of style.

By Tampa O’Connor for Gizzy Local

* The Poetry of Objects is a creative marketing collaboration between local business ‘Retro’ and writer Tampa O’Connor.
Each month we will be provided with a photograph of an object or collection of objects from Ro Darrall’s shop Retro and our in-house poet will provide a poetic response to it.

** This poem is a Villanelle, an old form of poetry defined by its structure. The most famous example is by Dylan Thomas, “do not go gentle into that good night.”

** Ekphrastic poetry is a form of poetry that emerged in ancient Greece whereby writers aspired to transform the visual into the verbal especially to describe Art. Today, the word ekphrastic refers to any literary response to a non-literary work.

*** Special thanks to Ro Darrall from Retro for supporting local creatives through Gizzy Local.

You can follow Ro on Instagram or find her on Facebook.


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